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Chakra Bali Retreat

Chakra Bali Retreat

This spiritual rejuvenation retreat is held at Ananda Cottages in the breathtakingly beautiful and tranquil hills outside the village of Ubud, in central Bali.

Tropical bungalow-style accommodation amidst spectacular rural views, lush botanic gardens and rice paddy fields, provides the setting for an intensive, yet relaxing physical detoxification and the clearing of limiting psychological patterns.

Through a combination of yoga, meditation, a pure vegetarian diet, exercise and rebirthing (conscious, connected breathing), you’ll gradually revitalise and re-balance each of the seven major energy centres (chakras) of the body . . . ready to spring back to fully living!

You can expect calmness of mind, a healthier body, an intense feeling of wellbeing, and mental and emotional clarity, as the cumulative result of your 10 days of blissful rejuvenation.

The retreat’s structured but flexible program ensures these benefits travel back with you to your daily “life in the fast lane” . . . effortlessly propelling you forward towards your clarified business or career, health and fitness, relationship and “big picture” goals.

Through Michael Adamedes’ highly effective blend of advanced modalities, you’ll not only cleanse and replenish your physical self, you’ll make perhaps the strongest connection you’ve ever made with your spiritual self . . . the ultimate source of all clarity, healing and happiness.

There’s also plenty of time for solitude, heavenly massages and other treats, sightseeing, socialising and mingling with the locals, or shopping, enjoying the many benefits of the very favourable currency exchange rate and generally making like a tourist!