See what people are saying about Susie’s Yoga Retreats…


“Just a short note to say, thankyou ! thankyou! for the weekend, it was such a wonderful experience.  I think it was the best thing I have ever done, I can’t stop raving about it … and we are saving our pennies so we can come back soon. Thanks again for such a beautiful experience and keep doing everything you are doing because it is just perfect.”

— Michele

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend. It exceeded my expectations hugely. it was an amazing experience with inspirational classes, beautiful like-minded company, delicious food and so much more! I am so glad I devoted a weekend to this retreat – I got so much from the experience and look forward to another experience in the near future! Thank you for your expertise, hospitality and for being such beautiful people! What can I say – I loved it all! The spirit in me honours the beautiful spirits of you both – you are so lucky you found each other and now living your dreams!” 

— Julie 

“Once again thankyou so much for sharing your beautiful home with us all. I am truly blessed to have met you both, as your positive energy has flowed into my life.  Not only am I back practicing yoga again, but my fridge is restocked, I am exercising everyday and ‘saying hello to happiness‘.  On the way home we made a pact to come back each year, but we don’t think we can wait that long and deserve to come back sooner.”

— Tracey

“Thank you for the wonderful weekend, it was so enjoyable. Every part of the weekend was wonderful. I enjoyed the yoga so much that it has inspired me to find a true yoga class again. The relaxation and massage were awesome and I also loved the vegetarian food. Not to mention the beautiful peaceful location. I am now reading the Nutrition Bible that Michael recommended and incorporating more fresh vegetarian, organic food into our diet.  In addition to being a fantastic weekend getaway, I really feel that it has also set me on a healthier path.”

— Lynette

“Thankyou for such a wonderful weekend !!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend, it was amazing and life changing for both of us.”

— Shane

“I would like to thank you once again for the incredible weekend, the fabulous experience and I am feeling fantastic inside and out.  I feel like the weekend has added another dimension to me.”

— Pamela

“Thank you again for welcoming us into you home and indeed your lives, the weekend seemed like a week. I have benefited in so many ways and I hope to continue feeling the effects well into the future.”

— Chris

“I had a fantastic weekend. I really enjoyed the yoga, food and your company. The house and property are beautiful, you are so blessed. Thank you for sharing it with us. Can’t wait to do it again soon.”

— Antoinette

“Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home and great experiences!! I had the most amazing weekend. I feel so refreshed and cleansed (for choice of better words) and am looking forward to continuing yoga and meditation and better eating habits.” 

— Ann

“Thank you for your time out at your retreat! The weather is beautiful, so swimming and lounging around the pool was not yoga but it was great too, I love all of it!! Yoga, pool, relaxation, meditation, food, friends PLUS massage… what more could you asked for?! We are keen to visit again and again!” 

— Gabrielle

“We wanted you to know that the weekend we just completed was well beyond our expectations!! We are full up with relaxation and rejuvenation.” 

— Eddie

“Thank you very much for your lovely hospitality, gentle guidance, delicious meals and the opportunity to spend such a wonderful and memorable weekend with my lovely sister – I hope to make it back to your “paradise-so-close-to-Sydney” one day soon!” 

— Julie W.